Economical and flexible wood and pellet hot air furnaces

It is important to choose a furnace perfectly suited to the size of your residence. An overly powerful furnace will cycle too much, which will favor poor combustion. Too small a furnace will heat at high level over long periods of time in order to satisfy the thermostat call for heat, which can damage the furnace’s components prematurely. In all cases, a furnace that is poorly adapted to the size of your home will reduce performance. A detailed calculation done by a heating specialist is recommended.

* Wood or Pellet Furnace only. Consult your dealer for a price that includes more options. Taxes, freight, installation and ducts not included.


Find a complete line of accessories to help you get the maximum satisfaction from your heating appliance. For maintenance products, accessories, options or any other related products, SBI Heating Accessories is the ideal choice!

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Venting products

Find a complete range of venting products for different fuel type meeting all applicable standards in the industry and a huge variety of accessories allowing in a simple, effective, and safe way the installation of heating appliances. In addition, for each venting product category, you can get kits containing all the necessary parts to complete your project.

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